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DMX Lighting Redefined!

VenueMagic 2.1 Show Control SoftwareVenueMagic 2.1 is not your typical lighting control software package. It’s a revolutionary new approach to DMX light show design that is quite different from anything else out there. Rather than trying to mimic traditional hardware-based lighting consoles, VenueMagic offers an intuitive, timeline-based approach similar to that used by popular audio-editing software such as Cubase, Pro Tools, and Ableton Live.

VenueMagic will let you create as many timelines as you like, each containing an unlimited number of tracks where you can drag over audio clips, lamp effect clips and events. Audio clips can be moved and sized, and you can also apply envelopes to control volume, pan, echo, reverb and other audio effects. This allows you to put your audio mix together right in VenueMagic. This is great if you want to mix-in additional sound effects or other audio clips on top of your music. In most cases, there’s no need to create a mix-down in advance with other audio-editing software. Lighting effect clips let you control fixture channels the same way you would control audio envelopes. Precisely synchronizing lighting effects with music is simple because it’s all on the screen in front of you—just drag, drop and move clips around on the timeline. The powerful envelope editor feature gives you even more precise control. VenueMagic includes a library of pre-programmed chaser sequences and other special lighting effects that you can drop onto the timeline. These effects can even distinguish between dimmer, RGB, gobo, color, motion, and other fixture channel types and will automatically select the appropriate channels to control in your fixture.

Another powerful and unique features of VenueMagic is the ability to blend multiple lighting effects onto the same fixture channel. Merge timeline lighting effects tracks onto the same channels using HTP, LTP, LoTP, Add, Average and Scale merging modes. This opens the door to some amazing effects and capabilities. You can even run multiple timelines simultaneously and “superimpose” them onto the same DMX channels.

A DMX channel routing feature lets you control DMX channels, or groups of channels, with any DMX, MIDI or joystick console. Group channels together into zones and control master levels and color balance for each zone independently. You can even make on-the-fly adjustments to levels while a timeline is running.

Sharing timeline and project files with others couldn’t be easier. If you import a timeline into your VenueMagic project that uses different fixtures, VenueMagic will intelligently remap all of the lighting effects onto the new fixtures.

In addition to the included DMX interface, VenueMagic 2.1 supports a number of other commercially available interfaces, including:

  • Velleman VM116
  • ArtNet

VenueMagic 2.1 is ideal for:

  • DJ’s / dance floor lighting, nightclubs
  • Rock concerts
  • Live theater, stage and pageants
  • Haunted houses
  • Architectural lighting effects
  • Ambience lighting effects for parties
  • School drama departments
  • Museums
  • Trade show display lighting

VenueMagic will run on any PC with Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7 installed. Recommended: 32 or 64 bit CPU, 1GHz or greater, 1 Gig RAM or greater, 800×600 screen resolution.
And optional USB DMX interface is available.

The MSRP of VenueMagic 2.1 is $597 with the VM-USBDMX-01 interface and USB cable, $547 without the interface.

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  1. Nancy Moore

    This looks pretty good, even though I don’t understand some of the Gigga verbage :) But then, I’m not supposed to, I’m a Nonnie.

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