WikiPedia: Motion control is a sub-field of automation, in which the position and/or velocity of machines are controlled using some type of device such as a hydraulic pump, linear actuator, or an electric motor, generally a servo. Motion control is an important part of robotics and CNC machine tools, however it is more complex than in the use of specialized machines, where the kinematics are usually simpler. The latter is often called General Motion Control (GMC). Motion control is widely used in the packaging, printing, textile, semiconductor production, and assembly industries.

Entertainment Sciences Group has been at the forefront of motion control programming for over 15 years programming projects ranging from movies and art to factory paint booth automation.

Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)

Having developed two well known HMI design packages in it’s history ESG has all the experience necessary to help your project succeed in actual implementation.¬† ESG can develop your interface within those packages¬†or help you develop your own.

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